May 11, 2017

Five Easy Ways on How You Can Increase Your Water Intake

Eight glasses of water, or more, every day? Let’s admit it, this recommended personal water consumption is just a hard feat. We’ve talked to numerous people and they all agree that trying to consume at least eight glasses of water daily is just difficult. But guess what, there are actually several ways on how you can increase your water intake in a day.

Want to know about these methods? Here are five of them:

Drinking Water Every After Bathroom Break

One of the most effective ways of increasing water intake is by linking it with the most common daily activities you do. For instance, every time you go for a bathroom break, drink a glass of water right after. Of course, it's easier to remember drinking water when you associate it with an activity that you always do.

Use App to Track the Water You've Drank

Next tip, there are already plenty of apps out there that can help you track your water intake accurately throughout the day. And apart from recording the water you've consumed every day, these apps also help motivate you to increase your water intake. Most of these apps are free, so why not download one of them on your smartphone now?

Double-up Intake of Water-Rich Foods

Another easy way that you can do to increase the amount of water that you are consuming daily is through eating foods (veggies and fruits) that are rich in water. Among the type of fruits with high water content are watermelon ( 92% watermelon), cucumber (96% water), grapefruit (91% water), and zucchini (95% water).

Drink Water Before Every Meal

Make it a habit of drinking a glass of water before every meal. Whenever you are dining at restaurants, request for a glass of water first and consume it before your order arrives. This trick will not just help you increase your water intake, it can also curb calorie intake since you feel already full after drinking the water.

Add Flavor to Your Drink

And last, but definitely not the least, increase your water intake by adding flavor to your drink. If you really feel like being tortured every time you are chugging several glasses of water, then add a bit of excitement with its taste by putting slices of fruits, veggies, and even herbs in your water.

Water is definitely more fun to drink when you transform it to a fruit-infused drink. And by the way, to make it easier for you to make your infused water, try using Ezisoul’s Ultimate Fruit Infuser Water Bottle on Amazon now! It’s simply the best-infused water bottle on Amazon, plus you get to avail several freebies like a cleaning kit and an E-book.

April 21, 2017

Healthy Eating – How Does It Affect Your Whole Body?

Healthy eating.

All of us are probably aware how vital is it that we choose the right food for our body. The food we consume helps us stay fit and strong; it also help keep diseases and ailments away. However, did you know that eating a well-balanced diet does not just keep us healthy and strong physically? It can also improve our mental and social health.
In this article, we want to share with the effects of choosing a healthy diet:

Physical Health
When you choose the right food to eat, you are providing your body cells the appropriate nutrients to be able to function properly. Nutritious and healthy foods keep diseases away and ensure that we are performing at our best.

Social Health
Healthy eating is considered as one of the most effective ways to lose weight. And of course, when you lose weight, you'll feel positively confident and amazing, making it a happy vibe for you to connect with other people and enjoy participating in social activities. Eating healthy diet does not just lead to weight loss, it also boosts your energy and improves your mental health (more of that later). It can improve your self-esteem and make you have a better outlook on your life in general.

Mental Health
In case you don't know, depression is also said to be caused by nutrient deficiency. When you lack calcium, B12, and even iron, you will feel tired, exhausted, and easily annoyed. For instance, mothers who recently just given birth feel cranky, moody, and lonely after getting all their nutrients and energy drained. To combat this, they are advised to eat healthy food until they get their strength back and be healthier and happier again.
If you do not want your mental health to suffer, then make sure to eat a balanced meal every day.

Intellectual Health
Do you know the reason why we shouldn't skip meals, especially breakfast? That's because skipping meals has a huge negative impact on our intellectual performance. When a person lacks the right nutrition, it is harder than ever to focus and perform. You also get distracted easily and feel nauseous all throughout the day.
Skipping meals is not just bad for your intellectual health but for your general well-being.

Make sure to eat healthy every day. Consider using our fruit infuser water bottle to also help you get all the nutrients that you need.

March 22, 2017

Keep Yourself Healthy this Spring Season, Follow these Tips!

Spring season is absolutely here! And for sure, most of us are glad that the cold winter season has finally ended. Unfortunately, the cold weather and the lack of the warmth we get from sunlight during the winter can have a huge consequence in our body. That's why it is really important that this spring season, you make sure that you are healthy and strong.

In this article, we’ve compiled several tips that will help you achieve that. Here they are:

1) Make sure to avoid eating gluten, corn, soy, processed gluten-free alternatives,  and any "gums". These foods can actually throw your body out of balance by triggering an inflammatory response within your digestive system.

2) Keep your liver healthy by limiting alcohol consumption. As a matter of fact, you can even consider taking a break from alcohol and focus on consuming foods that help you have a healthier liver. Most common foods that are good for the liver are artichokes, beets, egg yolks, bone broth, olive oil, and dandelion. Consider also eating raw beet salad and carrot every day.

3) Go organic with the food you are eating. When picking your food at the grocery, make sure to look for labels that say grass-fed, possible-organic, free-range, and pasture-raised. Eating organic means you are getting more nutrients and less toxic (due to fertilizer and pesticides) residue in your food (and in your body). Consider visiting a farmers market at least once this month for fresh and organic food picks.

4) Learn about the difference between "good" fats and "bad" fats, and of course, avoid the latter at all cost. Most common good fats are coconut oil, olive oil and grass-fed ghee. When cooking your eggs in ghee, dressing your tomato/cucumber salad in olive oil (as opposed to store bought dressings) and sautéing your vegetables in coconut oil. Bad fats are those any oils other than coconut and olive oil.

5)  Make fruits part of your daily meal. Start your day by eating fruits at breakfast and have 1-2 more pieces of fruit throughout the day. Plenty people hate eating fruit because of the fructose, but I have yet to see someone gain weight from eating fruit in the presence of a balanced diet. Fruit contains antioxidants and minerals which will give you energy and support your metabolism. Orange, pineapple, papaya, apples, pears, cherries, berries, ripe bananas (with brown spots), dates, dried apricots are all excellent.

March 08, 2017

Top Benefits of Hiking Outdoors Regularly

If you have noticed, a lot of people are becoming more and more interesting in going on an outdoor adventure. Apart from getting to enjoy a spectacular and ‘Instagram-worthy’ view, and bonding with your family and friends in a unique way, did you know that hiking and trekking regularly has also plenty of healthy benefits?

Yes, that’s right!

And if you still need convincing that this outdoor activity is indeed benefiting your healthy, we’ve rounded up the top benefits of regularly hiking. Here they are:

Weight Loss

Climbing, walking, running, dodging around the boulders, and rappelling - these are just some of the common things that you do when participating on a trekking tour. And eventually, by making it a habit of going on a trekking adventure, these physical activities can shed water weight and burn unwanted fat. As a matter of fact, 12 weeks joining trekking tours can already lead to significant weight loss.

Cardiovascular Strength

Since trekking requires walking up and down the hills or mountains for several hours, your heart will have to pump harder to keep up with the oxygen demand of your body. Although trekking cannot be considered as a highly intense activity, your heart maintains a steady beat while increasing the blood flow to your brains and muscles.

Lung Cleansing

Nothing beats fresh air when it comes to cleansing our lungs, unfortunately, with all these pollution affecting our environment, fresh air is something that we only find the great outdoors. And since the majority of trekking tours are organized far from where the human population strives (in mountains, forests, hills), the air in the environment that you are hiking is far cleaner than that in urban areas.

Mental Wellness

Trekking does not only benefit your physically, it also helps you become mentally healthy. Stress, as we are all aware, has the power to disrupt the cycle and balance of our everyday life and cause us to be depressing. Exploring the woods can reduce the stress that you are feeling in life, and that is why, it is really advised by medical experts that once in a while you also take a break from work, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Apart from improving your mental health, trekking regularly has also been proven to enhance your brain and memory's performance.

So, what are waiting for? Book a hiking activity now with your colleagues or family member. And by the way, make sure to take with your 25oz Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle to satisfy your thirst while you engage yourself in an epic outdoor adventure!

February 22, 2017

The Best Fitness Quotes to Motivate You Through Your Whole Journey

It is no secret that quotes speak right through us. They encourage us, inspire us, and help us get through with whatever we are dealing. And that is why we decided to compiled some of the most motivating fitness quotes that we can ever find. 

Are you ready? Here they are:

Fitness Quotes by Ezisoul



Fitness Quotes by Ezisoul



Fitness Quotes by Ezisoul






And there you have it guys! Keep posted with this article as we will be updating this every now and then.

January 18, 2017

Top Reasons Why You Need to Go Out and Explore Nature This 2017

This 2017, we are encouraging you to go forth and explore the beauty of nature.
With people nowadays are dealing with a lot of stress from their work, or even at school and their home, it is essential that we also pause for a while, take a break, go somewhere, and enjoy life for a bit once in a while. And what’s the best way to clear the minds, experience new adventures, and have a great time? By exploring the outdoor, of course!

You might not be aware of it but going on an outdoor adventure has plenty of incredible benefits actually, and here are some of them:

Exploring Nature Enhances Our Mind
According to a 20009 article by the Boston Globe, scientists have already proven that a glimpse of nature has the capability of improving our brain's performance by giving it a mental break from all the cognitive processing demands of our urban lifestyle. This is also the reason why hospital patients recover swifter when they can see greens from their windows. So, if you want to take a break and relax your mind for a while, then exploring the woods is the best way to do it.

Outdoor Adventure Makes Us Fit
Another thing that makes nature a perfect getaway is the fact that it helps you become physically fit. During an outdoor adventure, people need to move, walk, climb peaks, and paddle kayaks; in other words, you need to do a lot of muscle works when you go hiking or trekking. The time you spend outdoors is just like doing exercise. When you trek and hike regularly, you aren't just giving yourself the chance to take a break from your stressful environment; you are also avoiding high blood pressure, depression, myopia, osteoporosis, and a lot more.

Nature Helps You Cope Up with Stress
According to a study conducted by Dr. William Bird - the health adviser of Natural England - people become healthier and relaxed when they get out into the woods, countryside, gardens, and even parks. Bird says that individuals who are deprived of getting in touch with nature have a greater risk of becoming depressed and anxious. By spending a lot more time outside, discovering new trails, and camping outdoors, you certainly would be able to enjoy the break that you deserve. No need to worry about phone calls or meetings and deadlines.

The Natural World is on the Verge of Existence - See it Before it's too Late
There's no denying that the natural world is in great danger of being destroyed. With global warming, climate change, and the misuse and abuse of people with the natural resources, there's a huge possibility that we won't be able to enjoy these incredible splendors - the mountains, the trees, the lakes, the rivers, and much more. So as much as possible, you need to get out now and enjoy nature.

Now, where should you spend your next vacation? To the woods!
And to make your adventure even better, make sure to bring with your Ezisoul’s Ultimate Stainless Steel Water Bottle. This fantastic water bottle can help you keep hydrated while you enjoy the great outdoors.

January 01, 2017

To a Healthier 2017!

A few more hours and it’s already 2017. Can you imagine that? Before this year closes, let’s reflect first about the things that we want to happen this coming 2017. Basically, one of the primary things that people will want to achieve is a HEALTHIER version of themselves. Who wouldn’t want to be fitter and stronger, right?

Now, if you are really want to achieve this goal, you have to make a healthier New Year Resolution for 2017. Here’s a list of things that you can jot down and try to accomplish this New Year for a healthier and fitter you:

Control Food Intake
If you want to be healthy and strong , then the first thing that you should do is to control the food that you eat daily. This also means that you need to shift your meal plan to a healthier choice of foods (veggies, fruits, fewer carbs, more protein) and of course, refrain yourself from eating unhealthy foods (junk foods and even sodas). Once you know how to control your food intake and say no to delicious yet unhealthy food, you will begin to notice how your body improves positively – not to mention that you also lose weight effectively.

Exercise Daily
Apart from being picky with the food you eat, exercising regularly (if possible, daily) can really help you promote a healthier version of yourself this 2017. And by the way,  when it comes to exercising, you don’t automatically need to do lifts (if that’s what you’re scared of), doing cardio exercises are actually more than enough to help you lose weight. Just exercise regularly and you’ll see changes right after a few months.

Drink Plenty of Water
Now, next on our list is drinking plenty of water every day.  It has already been proven scientifically that drinking a lot of water can definitely help you lose weight by boosting your body’s metabolism, which in return, burns unwanted fats in the body; it also helps eliminates harmful toxins in our body and rejuvenate our skin to make them look supple.

(Get our  insulated stainless steel water bottle now to make it easier in hydrating yourself.)

Change Your Lifestyle

Of course! If you want to achieve a healthier body this 2017, you really need to turn your life around (for the better, of course). So, for you to burn fats, avoid drinking soft drinks! Sleep early and avoid stressful activities. These things I’ve mentioned may have little impact in your daily routine but in the long run, it will absolutely help you lose weight.

And there you have it guys, some healthy goals that you can add on your New Year’s Resolution this 2017.



December 16, 2016

Ezisoul Gift Guide 2016 – Gifts for Him, Her, and for Everybody

Merry Christmas everyone!

Once again, it’s the season of loving, celebrating, and GIVING! Are you excited?
During the Christmas season, it has already been a tradition across the globe that we give fantastic gifts to our loved ones. These gifts do not have to be expensive, as long as they are special – someone that they would really love – then that’s absolutely fantastic already!

If you are still looking for gifts to give your outdoor junkie friend or your health buff sister or your kids, then let Ezisoul share our very own gift guide for this holiday season. Here they are:

Gift for the Outdoor Junkie
Do you know someone who loves the thrill of outdoor adventure? Who gets excited and energized at the mention of climbing and trekking the mountains and discovering nature? Then why not give that someone our 25oz insulated stainless steel water bottle? It’s not like any other water bottle. It can keep beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Ezisoul’s Ultimate Stainless Steel Water Bottle can certainly help keep your outdoor junkie friend hydrated during his/her long trip in the woods.

Gift for the Healthy Buff
Next on our gift guide list?
A gift for your health buff friend or family member.
If you are looking for a gift to give your health-conscious friend, look no further! He/she’ll surely enjoy receiving our 32oz fruit infuser water bottle. With Ezisoul’s Ultimate Fruit Infused Water Bottle, making delicious and nutritious infused water becomes a lot easier.
In case your fruit or family member is not aware yet what an infused water is, it’s actually among the most popular health trend in the world (it’s even recommended by celebrities and well-known health buffs too). Instead of the usual water, you get to enjoy water infused with all the nutritious herbs and fruits in your drink. Ezisoul also includes a free e-book with fruit infused recipes that you can easily follow.

Gift for the Traveler
For people, you who love traveling, an ideal gift for them would be our EziCharge IC – a multi-port USB charger that can charge up to 5 devices (phones/tablets) all at once. No need to wait for one gadget to finish charging before you can charge another one because with this powerful intelligent charger, you can power up your phones and tablets using only one plug. Ezisoul’s EziCharge IC is a complete time saver! Now your traveler friend won’t have to worry anymore about draining his/her gadgets while on a trip.

And there you have it, guys! Ezisoul’s gift guide this 2016. Have a Merry Christmas!

December 01, 2016

Holiday Travel Hacks – What You Need to Know

Do you love traveling?  Does it excite you to explore new places and go chase adventures?

Every year, millions of people from all parts of the world would travel far and wide just to be able to discover interesting and cool spots. And when do they usually do this? During the summer and winter season.

Summer season is an undeniable ideal for traveling because of the sunny and warm weather, while holidays are also considered as peak traveling season because of the long vacation.

In this article, we want to share with you some of the most practical traveling hacks that you can use this holiday season. Here they are:

#1 For the best deals, consider buying tickets during Sunday

Since the holiday season is a peak traveling time, airfare can really be pricey, especially if the flight you are planning to book is near the holidays. So, the best thing that you can do to be able to save is by purchasing tickets during Sunday. It has been revealed in a recent study that Sunday fare is U$71 cheaper than that of Monday.

#2 Get a flu shot before leaving

If you don't want to ruin your holiday travels, then make sure that have a flu shot done two weeks before traveling. In case you don't know, there's a greater chance of you getting flu at the airports during the holiday due to the cold season, so always be prepared.

#3 Bring a hoodie with you

Even when you are traveling somewhere tropical this holiday season, see to it that you are bringing a hoodie jacket with you. It won't only let you stay warm while traveling; you can also transform it into a cozy pillow so that you feel rested while taking transportation for hours.

#4 Bring your own water bottles to save money

Having to buy water from time to time can both be time-consuming and expensive, so whenever you are traveling, it is always economical to have a water bottle with you. And when you get thirsty, there’s no need for you to get distracted looking at a convenience store just to buy one.

(Looking for the best water bottle for traveling? Get our 25oz insulated stainless water bottle at a discounted price!)

#5 If it is possible, consider booking a red eye

Booking the red-eye home or the last flight of the airport at night is one of the best ways to avoid getting caught in holiday madness at the airport. It's always way too cheaper than the regular flight tickets. So, if it is possible, consider taking the red-eye ticket when traveling.

#6 Take a multi-port USB charger with you

Having a battery-drained cellphone or tablet is the last thing that you would want to happen when traveling. So make sure to bring with you a powerful and handy charger to help keep your gadgets ready all the time. If you are bringing plenty of devices with you, it would be a great idea if you bring a multi-port USB charger, that way you don’t have to wait for one gadget to charge your other gadgets.

(Check our EziCharge IC, and be amazed of its features.)

There you have it, guys! The best ever holiday traveling hacks that you need to follow. Have a great day!

November 21, 2016

Five Tips to Control Your Weight During Thanksgiving and Holiday Seasons

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are just around the corner, and while plenty of people are all getting hyped to start the festive occasion some are also getting worried about gaining weight over the season. With parties, booze, potlucks, and celebrations all happening during this time, it’s really expected that some of us will gain extra pounds.

However, there are actually plenty of ways that you can do to avoid this from happening. Here are five of them:

Learn to Be Organized

According to the book written by Khloe Kardashian, one of the best ways not to gain weight over Thanksgiving and Holiday is by getting ahead of the game. This means that before these food-filled festivities start, you have already prepared yourself by being consistent with your workout and by choosing a healthy diet. So plan ahead. Plan your meals and workout schedules and stick with it.

Drink Plenty of Water

Another handy way of fighting extra pounds is by drinking lots of water during the day. Keeping hydrated will not only boost your metabolism, but it can also keep your high energy will suppressing food cravings. See to it that you drink at least eight glasses of water daily or 48 to 64 oz. a day.

To help you achieve this, consider using our 25oz insulated stainless steel water bottle.

Learn to Pick What You Eat

By choosing what you eat during the parties, you can effectively control your calorie intake, which in turn would also control your weight. So, make sure to teach yourself how to distinguish calories of dishes usually served during parties, that way you will be able to make wise decisions about your food intake.

Did you know that between cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie is a 235-calorie difference? Yes, you've heard that right. Pumpkin pie, which most of us love to eat during Thanksgiving Day has 320 calories per slice while cranberry sauce has only 85 calories. Which would you rather choose if you really want to prevent weight gain?

Do Not Skip Meals

Having a healthy breakfast and lunch before attending the party is also an effective way of suppressing your cravings including your hunger levels. Make sure that your meal contains plenty of fiber and protein. And before you head to your destination, a quick, healthy snack such as a protein bar or yogurt can help curb your appetite a bit.

Stop Eating When You Are Full

This one may seem to be unnecessary, but it's just that during parties, we typically love to eat while talking or catching up with friends and family members without even noticing that we are already stuffed to the brim. So, when at the party, control yourself to eat only what your stomach can handle, and after that, you can spend the rest of the time bonding with the party guests.

And there you have it! Five effective tips that will help you stay fit and fab during the Holiday Season. Enjoy your holidays!

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