Lauren Francesca Promotes Ezisoul's Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

YouTube Sensation Lauren Francesca is just the latest celebrity to give Ezisoul’s Ultimate Stainless Steel Water Bottle a two thumbs up. Francesca, who is popular for her appearances in numerous YouTube channels such as Barely Political, Mondo Media, College Humor, and Epic Meal and several movies like Hellbenders and Bad Parents, has posted a picture on her Instagram account with the water bottle. On her post, she enumerated the reasons why she love using the insulated stainless steel water bottle from Ezisoul and that includes keeping beverages cold all day long, not leaking or sweating in the bag, and with no traces of BPA and other harmful toxins. (Check her post here)

Aside from Francesca, another fitness celebrity, John Basedow has recommended the insulated stainless steel water bottle as the best gym buddy. In a Vine clip, Basedow explained also why he finds Ezisoul’s water bottle simply the best in the market today; the video clip he posted has already been looped 44,000 times.

With the Ultimate Stainless Steel Water Bottle’s amazing features, it isn’t really surprising anymore that even celebrities are getting hooked to using it. The only water bottle on Amazon that can keep beverages cold for 24 hours or hot 12 hours, Ezisoul’s Ultimate Stainless Steel Water Bottle is absolutely the best water bottle in the market today. If you want to get this incredible water bottle at a discounted price, just click here for details.