Why Do You Need to Avoid Products With BPA?

BPA or Bisphenol A is a type of chemical  that manufacturers uses to make water bottles, medical devices, CDs, dental sealants, and plenty other products. For 40 years, manufacturers have been using BPA in making plastic items until in 2008 when the possible health risks this chemical have were exposed in the world.

According to studies conducted on animals (animal testing) by different scientists and researchers, it has been revealed that BPA has potential effects on the prostate glands and brain, especially on children. And that is why most medical experts and organization would recommend not to use products that are contaminated with BPA.  Several studies have also pointed out BPA as a chemical that triggers infertility, breast cancer, leukemia, asthma, and disruption of ovarian development. Although these claims still need to go further investigation.

Apart from threatening our health, BPA has also been proven to have an adverse impact on our environment.  According to the U.S Environment Protection Agency, almost 1 million pounds of BPA are released into our environment yearly. It has been listed as a major pollutant that can interfere nitrogen fixation in plants. Another study has claimed that BPA also has a huge effect on the growth, development, and reproduction of aquatic organisms.

Although there have been several organizations contesting the study that BPA is harmful, it always pays to be cautious. So, instead of using your water bottle made from BPA plastic, you have the option of changing to water bottles made from Eastman Tritan and stainless steel. Our health will always be our wealth, so we need to take extra care of it, and avoiding those products containing harmful chemical is just one way of doing that. Keep safe everyone!

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