4 Weirdest Types of Yoga That Probably Haven’t Heard

There’s no arguing that yoga is one of the most popular fitness practices around the world. It doesn’t just benefit your body but your mind as well. Anywhere around the globe, it’s easy to spot a fitness center offering yoga classes. You can even join yoga clubs now! However, if are the type of person who always likes going extra just to find bizarre and unique stuff, then maybe you should consider trying these five weirdest yoga routines that you probably haven’t even heard. Spoiler Alert: Yes, they do exist!


Tantrum Yoga

Yes, you've read that right and what you're thinking about it is totally right as well. Screaming while stretching and doing yoga is both cool and peculiar. In this yoga class, you are encouraged to scream it out, chest your pound, and stomp while doing your traditional yoga poses. Doing this is believed to benefit your mental health by letting out your inner anger and frustration in a healthy way.


So, the next time you're too stressed for the world, vent your frustrations through tantrum yoga.

Karaoke Yoga

If you are the type of person who loves music and jam, then this one's for you. Karaoke yoga allows students to do their yoga poses will singing their favorite tunes. Sessions usually include a DJ and a TV screen with the lyrics.


Karaoke yoga is perfect for friends who want to try something new and exciting. Who doesn't want to try it? You get to sing your favorite song and workout at the same time!

Yoga Raves

If Karaoke Yoga isn't still as fun for you, then try joining a Yoga Rave. The perfect class for party people out there - minus the drinking. Yoga raves usually start with some stretching paired with guided meditation before the music drops. Once everyone's into the zone, this party gets pretty intense and turns into one huge dance party.

This type of yoga is ideal for people who love connecting with other yogis and prefer doing yoga in large groups. Partying and exercising just became synonymous thanks to yoga raves!

Nude Yoga

This isn't actually a new one. Nude yoga was first practiced in the 60s, having been introduced by the hippies. The bizarre yoga routine eventually died down but resurfaced when Canadian yoga teacher Aaron Star founded the Naked Yoga movement in the Big Apple. Nude yoga incorporates both elements of tantric and partner yoga while being nude.

Apart from reaping the health benefits of yoga, nude yoga also helps students get comfortable with their own skin, learn to love and accept it.

Have we missed anything on this list? Share your thoughts with us!