5 Hot Beverages to Keep You Warm This Winter Season (Except Coffee and Tea)

Winter season is undeniably fast approaching. And as we all know, there’s no better way of combatting the harsh winter weather than a sip of a hot drink. Ezisoul came with a list of five hot beverages (aside from tea and coffee) that can keep you warm this cold season. Check this out:

Malted Milk
Perhaps the most popular hot beverage next to tea and coffee, malted milk is a powdered gruel made by mixing wheat flour, malted barley, and whole milk. The ingredients are then evaporated until forming a powder. Among the most popular brands of malted milk includes Milo, Ovaltine, and Horlick.

Suffering from a terrible cold but still need to go and work? Then you might want to bring this hot beverage that we've listed next – Aleberry. This hot beverage is made by boiling ale together with spices (the most common is nutmeg) and sugar. Sometimes, it is also added with bread-sops. After the ale is boiled, it is then strained before you can drink. More often, Aleberry is drunk when someone is suffering from a cold.

Apple Cider
Another well-known hot drink that is perfect during the cold season is the Apple cider. It also a favorite fall beverage. Apple cider is an unsweetened, unfiltered, and non-alcoholic beverage made from apples. To make apple cider even more delightful to drink, especially when its freezing outside, simmer it with mulling spices, ginger, and orange zest. These ingredients will not only make your typical apple cider more delicious; it also makes them smell good.

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate, also known as hot cocoa, is a heated beverage that is made from shaved chocolate, cocoa powder, melted chocolate, heated milk or water, and sugar. Hot cocoa has a lot of varieties across the globe. In Spain, for example, it is usually paired with churros; while in Latin America (where it originated), they have made a spicy version called spiced chocolate para mesa.

Hot Buttered Rum
And finally, a hot beverage drink laced with liquor - the Hot Buttered Rum. This drink, which can be made extra special by adding a scope of ice cream and several spices, is not just perfect for the cold weather but also for winter parties. So how do make a buttered rum? Just mix butter and boiling water, and add with a jigger of rum.
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