Three Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

You might be asking why aren’t you still losing weight despite the fact that you already bought all the accessories we’ve mentioned on our last article or you’ve drank too much infused water for several weeks now. Well, here are three reasons that will answer your question:

You Are Not Running

Just because you’ve already shifted to a healthier lifestyle and eat only veggies and fruits doesn’t guarantee that you’ll lose weight immediately. Choosing what you eat and drink is just part of the process of losing weight, you still need to do a lot of things, and running is one of them. Running regularly is one of the fastest ways to burn your fats and become fit, so, if you aren’t making this part of your daily routine, then no wonder you aren’t moving ahead on your road to become fitter and healthier.

You Still Haven’t Changed Your Food Portions

Experts say that 40% of the losing weight program is dieting, which only means that exercising alone is not sufficient and effective enough to trim your calories and fats – you seriously need to watch the food you eat. Eating healthy and nutritious food isn’t just what you need to do to kill your weight, you have to totally downsize your food portion. Lesser carbohydrates, lesser sugar, and more fibers – that’s practically what your plate should contain during your every meal.

You Are Not Drinking More Water

Apart from watching the food you eat and downsizing your meal’s portion, another important thing that people usually forget when it comes to losing weight is to triple your fluid intake. It has already been proven that drinking a lot of water can help flush toxins and burn excess fats in the body, so you should take this seriously. And as we have suggested, if you aren’t into drinking water, you always have the option of making your own infused water and take it wherever you go using Ezisoul’s Fruit Infuser Water Bottle or the Ultimate Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

So, check again whether you are guilty of all these three reasons mentioned above, and if your answer is yes, then better start adding these three habits on your “road-to-fitness journey” for a faster and more fulfilling result.