Ezisoul Tips – How Not to Gain Weight during Christmas Season?

If there’s one thing that people dread after the Christmas season, that would be gaining extra pounds. Let’s admit it, during Christmas, foods are undeniably overflowing, and that’s why most of us forget to slow down eating. If you don’t want to gain extra weight, here are three things that you can do:

Eat Before Attending Parties

Eating before heading to Christmas events is one of the best way not to overeat. When you are full, you become less tempted to eat a lot of foods. Avoid skipping meals before parties because you will only be drawn to overindulging to the bountiful food served.

Select What You Eat

During Christmas season, a lot of your favorite foods get to be served in one event, but if you don’t really want to gain additional weight, then I am suggesting that you select what you eat meticulously. Eat only foods that aren’t usually served during the whole year or specialties which can only be eaten during Christmas season.

Drink Moderately

Aside from foods, alcoholic drinks such as mocktails, beers, wine, champagnes, etc. But just so you know, alcoholic beverages can actually contribute to uncontrolled weight increase, so you should drink them always in moderation. If it’s possible, try drinking healthy beverages such as detox juices, infused water, etc.

Stay Active

Just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean you should give a rest going to the gym and doing your usual exercise routines. As a matter of fact, exercising during Christmas should be doubled because of the many food that we eat than the usual. Apart from exercising, continue also your healthy eating regime such as drinking a lot of water, eating vegetables and fruits, etc. If it is possible, bring with you always a 32oz infuser water bottle or even bigger to help keep you hydrated all day long.

Just follow these three tips and you won’t have to worry about gaining weight this Christmas season. Enjoy the holidays!