The Bigger, The Better – Meet Ezisoul’s Newest Product! 250z Ultimate Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Finally! The long wait is over! Ezisoul’s 250z Insulated Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle is now available at Amazon! That’s right! A bigger version of Ezisoul’s in demand insulated drinking bottle stainless steel can now be yours for only US$29.97.

After receiving a lot of suggestions from our customers at Amazon that we should offer a bigger size of our stainless steel bottle, we’ve finally released our 25oz bottle! Bigger, better, and undeniably the best – these are just some of the words that would perfectly describe the newest addition to our quality products.

It has only been released for few weeks, but it has been already receiving fantastic feedback.

“I honestly didn’t feel as if I’d find that perfect bottle. I’ve went through a ton of stainless steel products. I was incredibly happy with it and bought it for my wife as well. Never spilled on me, never leaves an old taste from a previous drink and has kept my drinks hotter for longer than advertised as well. Thank you!!”Alex, a verified customer said on his review.

“The best beverage bottle I have used! Quality is good and keeps hot drinks hot for long time.” Earl Jay Chong wrote in his review.

Get to know more about this 25oz stainless insulated steel water bottle on Ezisoul’s Amazon account.