The Hot Cup – Why Should I Drink Coffee Before Going to Work?

It lessens body stress

Lack of sleep plus tons of works needed to be done at the office? That’s definitely stressful! But by just taking a sip of your cup of joe, it can already lessen the stress in your body. This has already proven by researchers from Seoul National University. They have concluded that even by just smelling coffee, it has already the power to drive stress away.

It activates your brain

When you are sleep-deprived and over-worked, there’s a great tendency that your brains works slower. However, there’s actually a remedy for that. According to the report of CNN, drinking hot coffee can active your brain and make it think faster, sharper, and efficient.

It improves your athletic performance

Drinking a warm cup of coffee before you start exercising can actually make the body more active and jolt one’s athletic performance, that’s what a report from New York Times has revealed. According to the report, caffeine allows our muscles burn faster the fatty acids inside our blood stream making it act as the body’s fuel.

There’s still a lot of benefits that you can get by just making it a habit to drink a warm cup of coffee in the morning, and these are just some of them. So make it already part of your morning ritual to prepare coffee, and if you are in a hurry, you can always bring it with you using an insulated stainless steel water bottle, it can keep your coffee warm for as long as 12 hours!