We Need Your Thoughts on Our Products, and In Exchange, We’ll Give You a Coupon Code Worth 20% Off – Ezisoul

In order for our company to provide better and top-notch services and products, Ezisoul is currently offering a limited deal to Amazon shoppers – a 20% off worth of coupon code in exchange for an honest and comprehensive review about our products. We, at Ezisoul, believe that part of keeping customers and consumers happy is to know what they really think about the products that we are currently offering, and for us to find out what you think of our products, we need your comments and suggestions.

Ezisoul is currently offering three products on our Amazon page – an insulated stainless steel water bottle, an infuser water bottle, and a multi-port USB hub charger. All these products have been garnering positive reviews on Amazon, and all these comments have been helpful, but we need more. And that’s why, we are asking any interested Amazon shoppers to leave us some reviews after trying our products. We are accepting any forms of review (videos, images, etc.) whether good or bad because we believe they could help us improve.

If you are interested with our offer, here are some easy steps that you need to do in order to avail the 20% discount:

  1. Go to our website’s promo page and subscribe using a valid e-mail address

(Note: An e-mail address is valid only for one person)

  1. After subscribing, the coupon code will appear right away
  2. Go to Amazon and select which among our products do you want to try
  3. Copy the code and use it on Amazon’s checkout section
  4. Once you receive the products from Ezisoul, don’t forget to leave a review.

And that’s it! Five easy steps you need to follow to avail our coupon code promo. We can’t wait to hear what you think of our products!