Ezisoul Tips – Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

“A mother's happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.”
- Honore de Balzac

A few more weeks and it’s already time for Mother’s Day again. Have you decided what kind of gift to give your mom this year? In case you are still clueless what are things that will make your mom truly happy this Mother’s Day, then check out these amazing gift ideas from Ezisoul:

For the Techie Mom

If your mom has a penchant for gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, then the best gift for her is Ezisoul’s Ezicharge IC – a multi-port USB charger made from the latest auto-detect technology. Ezicharge IC is a rapid charger that allows the user to charge up to six devices simultaneously utilizing only one charger and one plug. With a multi-port USB charger, there’s no need for your mom anymore to bring with her the individual charger of gadgets since Ezicharge IC can charge everything at once. With its safety features and rapid charging performance, Ezicharge IC has also been recommended highly for traveling. It is also perfect for homes that have several family members that are smartphone/tablet users.

For the Health-Conscious Mom

For moms that are health-conscious, Ezisoul also has something for them – the Ultimate Infuser Water Bottle. Made from Eastman Tritan plastic, this 32oz water bottle makes it easier for us to rehydrate and create our own infused water. This infuser water bottle also has a separate compartment for the user to store fruits and vegetables that they will mix with their drink. So, if you’ve been noticing that your mom loves healthy foods and drinks, then buy this amazing infuser water bottle for her.

For the Sporty Mom

If your mom is into sports such as volleyball, badminton, lawn tennis; and loves outdoor adventure, then this Mother’s Day, make sure that you give her our Ultimate Stainless Steel Water Bottle. This water bottle, which is made from 100% stainless steel, can help your mom stay hydrated and energetic after a long day at the gym or at the sports club. It’s the only water bottle on Amazon that can keep beverages either cold or hot for an extended period (hot for 12 hours; cold for 24 hours). Ezisoul’s insulated stainless steel water bottle is also ruggedized making it the perfect buddy for outdoor adventures.

And that’s it! Three fantastic gift ideas to give your moms this Mother’s Day!