Amazing Benefits of Cold Water That You Don’t Probably Know

Nothing beats a glass of cold water during the summer season when the weather is just sweltering hot. But did you know that apart from helping us keep cool during the inevitable summer heat, an ice cold water has actually plenty of benefits? Today, I’ll be sharing to you five incredible benefits that cold water can give you:

It Wakes You Up

Feeling a little sleepy and unmotivated? Then you should definitely get some ice cold water in the fridge and drink it up. Several studies have already concluded that cold water has the capability of helping you be alert and refreshed. This is also the reason why it would be best to take a cold shower because it activates the cold sensors under our skin and then pumps adrenaline to give us a jittery and alive feeling.

It Lowers Your Body Temperature

The reason why athletes prefer drinking icy cold water after a rigorous training or workout is that it actually reduces the core body temperature and help you keeps them from suffering heat intolerance. And this is why when people and fitness buffs hit the gym, you’ll notice them bringing water bottles with ice cold water.

It Cures Hangover

It is already a known fact that by drinking cold water, you can cure your hangover of last night. But a better way of fighting headache is alternating alcoholic beverages with a glass of water. So if you don’t want to suffer from a terrible hangover, make sure to have a cold water bottle with you.

It Helps You Lose Weight

Drinking cold water regularly can actually speed the process of losing weight. According to studies conducted, the colder the internal or surrounding conditions, the more calories that the body burns just to keep you warm. By just drinking a 16 oz. glass of ice cold water, your body burns up to 17.5 calories (that does not even require you any exercise). 17.5 of calories may not be that high, but if you drink cold water frequently, then you'll certainly see the result.

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