Five Signs That You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Are you drinking plenty of water a day? Good for you! Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who are struggling to finish at least eight glasses of water in a day. Dehydration is not the only problem that you will encounter if you don’t drink enough water, your whole body will also suffer from it.

Today, in this article, we want to share with five signs that your body isn’t getting enough water. Here they are:

You Are Extra Hungry

Have you experienced feeling hungry even after just finishing a meal? Most of the time, people confuse thirstiness with hunger pangs. If you have just eaten and you are hungry again, that's because you aren't drinking a lot of water. Consider chugging a glass of water and wait for fifteen minutes for you to know if you are really hungry or it's water that you need.

Your Mouth is Dry

Suffering from a dry mouth is one of the most obvious and uncomfortable signs that you are not having enough water a day. If you aren't getting plenty of fluids, the process that your body undergoes to make saliva slows down resulting in a dry mouth.

To get rid of this uncomfortable feeling, make sure to keep a bottle of water by your side and drink it up regularly.

You Are Suffering from Headache

Are you experiencing never-ending headaches from time to time? This can also possibly means that you aren't having enough water intake on your body. Suffering from a headache is your brain's way of telling that there is something wrong with your body. And since the human brain is made up of water mostly, it starts sending you signals that it need more water, hence the headache.

Your Urine Color is Yellow

Another easy way of telling that you aren't getting the right amount of water is through your urine color. Urine is supposed to be almost clear and very pale, not dark or bright yellow. If your urine is colored, then that only means that you should increase your water intake even more.

Your Skin Is Dry and It Doesn't Bounce Back

Your skin can also tell you if you aren't having plenty of water in your body. An easy way of telling if you are dehydrated or not is through pinching the skin on the top your hands. If the skin does not snap back into its place immediately, that only means that your body is low on fluids.

Additionally, if you have noticed that your skin is dry even after applying lotion, then it's also another way of finding out if you are dehydrated and you need to increase your fluid intake.

Do remember that water makes up 60 to 80% of our body mass. This only means that our body's functions rely greatly on the water that we drink. If you are feeling any of these signs, then it's time for you to double up your water consumption. And to help you out, consider trying Ezisoul's fruit infuser water bottle. This water bottle makes it easier for to prepare an infused water that you can drink all day long.

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