Four Reasons to Ditch Fruit Juice with Fruit Infused Water

When the weather is hot and unpleasant, we usually love to chug down liters of fruit juice thinking that it can help you replenish and rehydrate yourself faster. But what if I tell you that what you thought about fruit juice is all wrong? Eating fruits may be healthy but drinking fruit juice is another story since it contains tons of fructose that can raise your insulin level, slow down your metabolism, make you prone to diseases, and contribute to your weight gain. Sugar is still sugar, whether it is natural or artificial; and it is still harmful.

And that is why, instead of fruit juice, most health experts today would recommend that you drink fruit infused water. Made with natural ingredients, fruit infused water enables you to drink water that tastes exactly like your favorite fruits but without the fructose and the calories. So today, here's four reason why you should choose fruit infused water now:

The Flavor is Just Sensational

Fruit juice tastes sweet and sugary, fruit-infused water, on the other hand, tastes amazingly fruity, tangy, and bright. By just infusing the slices of fruits in your glass or water bottle, you'll instantly notice a significant change in the flavor of water.

Fruit-Infused Water Looks Better

Have you ever experienced having second thoughts of drinking the fruit juice you prepared because it looked something else than just a plain juice? Well, you won't ever need to encounter that experience again with fruit-infused water because by only looking at it, you'll be interested in trying drinking it right away.

Fruit-Infused Water has Less Calories

Okay, fruit juice is certainly much nutritious, but as I have mentioned earlier, it contains plenty of sugars and calories which can still trigger health problems. Fruit-infused water, on the other hand, only infuses the juice from the fruit to the water, so it absolutely does not contain calories and sugars as much as that of fruit juice.

Fruit-Infused Water is Easier to Prepare

When preparing a fruit juice, it would really take you some time. From peeling the fruit, slicing it, and squeezing it (or placing it on the juicer), you'd need to spare enough time to be able to drink your favorite juice. As for fruit-infused water, you'll just have to add slices of fruits and herbs, and you already have a drink that you can take with you.

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