Four Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Use a Fertilizer Spreader

Admit it, everyone (including you) wants their lawn to be healthy and green – in other words – the envy of the neighborhood. But the question is, how will you be able to do that? For you to have a consistent healthy lawn, it is absolutely essential that you use a fertilizer spreader.
This handy tool will not just help you manage your garden and lawn, it can also help you save money and time. We’ve listed four reasons why you definitely need your own fertilizer spreader, here they are:

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Even Application of Fertilizer

Not using fertilizer spreader when taking care of your lawn can usually lead to uneven application of fertilizer. This, of course, can then cause under or over-application and eventually make your lawn suffer. Under application of fertilizer can cause bare patches, while over application can also cause the roots and clumps of plants to burn.
To avoid these problems, make sure to use a fertilizer spreader when tending your garden and your lawn.

Protection Against Chemicals

Another reason why a fertilizer spreader is extremely handy is that it protects you from having direct skin contact with the fertilizer that you are using. There are a number of alternative fertilizer applications that allow the possibility of getting the chemicals of fertilizer on your hand (e.g. using homemade applicators).

As we all know, the chemicals used in making the fertilizer is absolutely harmful and they have a negative impact on our body. To protect yourself when applying fertilizer, make sure to use a fertilizer spreader.

Many Uses, Apart from Gardening

Yes, that is right. Apart from spreading fertilizer on your lawn and plants, a spreader can also be used in spreading seed in the garden and salt to icy walkways during the winter. A fertilizer spreader is definitely a multi-purpose tool that will not just keep your lawn healthy and beautiful but also help you maintain your walkways during the winter.

There are also several types of fertilizer spreaders that are perfect for your specific need. There are broadcast spreaders that can be used for covering large areas, and there are also handheld spreaders that you can easily use on your garden and pavement.

Saves You Time and Money

Since the fertilizer spreader can be easily calibrated, it definitely helps you save a lot of time from having to calculate or even monitor application rates manually. Additionally, it also saves you a lot of money from eliminating over application of fertilizer on your lawn and garden.

It is no secret that fertilizers are quite expensive, so see to it that you are not wasting them by over-fertilizing your lawn.

See? A fertilizer spreader is certainly crucial to improving the efficiency of your lawn maintenance and gardening operations. 

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