Gardening Tips – Three Things You Need To Know About Growing Indoor Bonsai

Aside from ornamental plants, bonsais are also perfect to perk up indoor spaces. A bonsai is a Japanese art form of growing miniature trees in a container, but compared to ordinary trees it requires more maintenance in order for it to grow and nourish. Bonsai planting is now very popular in all parts of the world and it is usually used as decoration inside or outside the house. If you are planning to have your own indoor bonsai for your place, here are the basic tips on how to take good care of it:

Water your bonsai regularly

If you want your bonsai to be healthy, watering it should never be neglected. The dampness of the soil is very important in growing bonsai; you should never allow it to become entirely dry. Watering schedules depend greatly on your tree species, soil type and the size of your container, so make sure you pay extra for them. When watering the bonsai, you must do it gently. Using watering cans or sprinklers are important so that the soil won’t be disturbed and lost its nutrients.

Put fertilizer on the soil at least once a month

Since your bonsai is growing on a small amount of soil, it is important to replace the soil’s nutrients regularly. Fertilizing the bonsai at least once a month will keep it grow healthy and beautiful. The perfect type of fertilizer to apply on bonsais are general-purpose liquid fertilizer, however, you must only put half of its recommended dosage. Foliar feeding is also good in keeping your bonsai healthy.

And by the way, to make it easier for you to put fertilizer on your bonsai, consider using a hand-held spreader.

Trim and pinch it frequently

Trimming and pinching the bonsai cause the tree to become miniature, so you really need to do it frequently. Whenever there is a new growth on your bonsai, you have to trim and pinch it right away, however, you should not remove all of it but leave a little of it to sustain the tree’s health.

And there you have it! All three essential caring tips that will help your bonsai strive and grow beautifully.