Incredible Health Benefits of Water Infused with Lemon

Do you like drinking infused water? Then perhaps you’ve already tried adding slices of lemon on your fruit infuser water bottle. Lemons are one of the most common fruits that are added to infused water because of their zesty and tangy flavor, but aside from that, did you know that there are plenty of health benefits that you can enjoy from drinking lemon water? Check this out:

It Boosts Your Immune System

For those who don't know, lemon is actually among the richest source of Vitamin C. And since this vitamin primarily functions as a booster of our immune system; expect to feel stronger and happier in the next days to come (if you make it a habit of drinking lemon water every day). During the days, when you have a lot of things to do or when you have sleepless nights, make sure to start your day with a lemon water.

It is an Excellent Source of Potassium

Lemon isn't just rich in Vitamin C; it is also high in potassium. This mineral is known for promoting heart wellness including nerve and brain functions.

It Aids Healthier Digestion

Lemon juice helps you have a healthy digestion by washing out toxins in your digestive system. But apart from that, lemon juice has also been known as an efficient cure for common types of indigestion including bloating, heartburn and burping.

It Relieves Toothaches

Another fascinating health benefit of lemon water is that it helps soothe toothaches and even gingivitis. And yes, it also makes your breath fresher.

It Helps You Lose Weight

As mentioned earlier, lemon juice is rich in Potassium and Vitamin C, but apart from that; it also contains pectin fiber. This type of fiber can assist you in suppressing cravings, making you achieve your target body weight.

It Keeps Your Skin Young

Lemon also has antioxidants that help decrease wrinkles and blemishes. It even has the power to reduce appearances of age spots and scars in your skin, making you have a radiant and younger-looking skin.

It Reduces Body Inflammation

By drinking lemon water on a daily basis, your body's acidity level will decrease, and when that happens, that means that you aren't prone anymore to diseases. Lemon water has the capability of removing uric acid in your joints. Uric acid, as we all know, is among the leading causes of inflammation.

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