Nokia is Back, And Here Are Some Interesting Facts About This Company!

Nokia has just made its comeback in the Telco Industry with its launching of their Nokia 6 and relaunching of their well-loved and best-seller Nokia 3310. And while everyone is just so excited that the powerful mobile company is now back, we just want to share with you some interesting facts about Nokia.
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Nokia Started Off as a Paper Production Company

Nokia Corporation was first founded in 1865 in Finland by mining engineer Fredrik Idestam but not as a mobile company but as a paper production company. The company was established in the town of Tampere, and three yers later, a second branch was built in the town of Nokia. The mill was then turned into a shared company in 1871 by Idestam together with his close friend Leo Mechelin. It was during this time that they decided to name the company as Nokia.

Nokia's Most Iconic "Nokia Tune" Was Based on "Gran Vals"

One of Nokia's most classic and recognized feature is their Nokia tune. It was said to be based on a 19th-century guitar work by Spanish musician, Francisco Tarrega known as Gran Vals.

Nokia Revises Handset on Their Phones Sold In Asia

Since there are plenty of countries in Asia that consider number 4 as an unlucky number, Nokia has been very careful not to include the number in any handset model that is being retailed in the region.

Nokia Company Expanded In a Number of Business Venture

Before eventually moving their business in the electronics industry in 1960. Nokia has ventured into several business niches including cables, electricity, and even rubber. As a matter of fact, Nokia rubber boots has become a classic design and are still being sold today, even though the company no longer manufactures them.

Nokia's Special Tone Is Actually a Morse Code

Apart from the Nokia tune, another well-known feature of the company is their "Special tone." What people don't know is that this tone is actually a Morse code with "SMS." Additionally, the "Ascending" SMS tone is also a Morse Code for Nokia's slogan - Connecting People.

Nokia's Name Originally Means Sable

The name "Nokia" was taken from the town of Nokia, which was where the company was built. The town of Nokia, on the other hand, was derived from the river's name Nokianvirta, which was an old Finnish word, meaning sable.

Being one of the oldest and most popular mobile brands, it is really a great news that Nokia is finally back in the game.