Three Easy Tips on How You Can Lengthen Your Phone’s Battery Life

Have you ever experienced getting your phone’s battery drained at the most critical time? Like when you are at the airport meeting someone or when you got lost while on a sight-seeing trip and you badly need to make a phone call? These situations actually happen, that’s why it is important that you always save your phone’s battery life in case of emergency.

In this article, we will be sharing three basic tips that can help you boost your phone’s battery life. Here they are:

Inspect What's Draining Your Battery the Most

The first thing that you should do to be able to extend your battery's life is by checking which app is sucking the most juice.

To do this, go to Settings> Battery, you will then see an organized breakdown of what's sucking your phone's battery. If ever you see an app that you do not use often, uninstall it.

Turn Your Phone's Unnecessary Hardware Radios Off

Hardware radios such as WiFi, GPS, NFC, LTE, and Bluetooth are extremely helpful; it let us do a lot of things with our phone. But do we need to turn all of them 24/7?

Among these five hardware radios, GPS has the largest power drain, so by turning it off for a few hours, you'll instantly notice fast battery drain on your phone. When not in use, make sure that that turn them off; this will really keep your battery life boosted.

Update the Apps You've Installed

Apart from adding new features or fixing bugs, developers also update applications to lessen the battery power that they drain. And that is why it is critical to keep your apps up to date. And just to make sure that all apps on your phone are updated, check them manually on your Apple Store or Google Play.

Although you have configured your apps to update automatically, there are still several apps that need to be updated manually, so you have to check them one by one.

Additional Tip: To ensure that your battery doesn't drain unexpectedly, always bring with you a charger with you. And for your convenient, make sure that it’s a multi-port USB charger. That way, you can also charge your other devices using only one plug.

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