Top Benefits of Hiking Outdoors Regularly

If you have noticed, a lot of people are becoming more and more interesting in going on an outdoor adventure. Apart from getting to enjoy a spectacular and ‘Instagram-worthy’ view, and bonding with your family and friends in a unique way, did you know that hiking and trekking regularly has also plenty of healthy benefits?

Yes, that’s right!

And if you still need convincing that this outdoor activity is indeed benefiting your healthy, we’ve rounded up the top benefits of regularly hiking. Here they are:

Weight Loss

Climbing, walking, running, dodging around the boulders, and rappelling - these are just some of the common things that you do when participating on a trekking tour. And eventually, by making it a habit of going on a trekking adventure, these physical activities can shed water weight and burn unwanted fat. As a matter of fact, 12 weeks joining trekking tours can already lead to significant weight loss.

Cardiovascular Strength

Since trekking requires walking up and down the hills or mountains for several hours, your heart will have to pump harder to keep up with the oxygen demand of your body. Although trekking cannot be considered as a highly intense activity, your heart maintains a steady beat while increasing the blood flow to your brains and muscles.

Lung Cleansing

Nothing beats fresh air when it comes to cleansing our lungs, unfortunately, with all these pollution affecting our environment, fresh air is something that we only find the great outdoors. And since the majority of trekking tours are organized far from where the human population strives (in mountains, forests, hills), the air in the environment that you are hiking is far cleaner than that in urban areas.

Mental Wellness

Trekking does not only benefit your physically, it also helps you become mentally healthy. Stress, as we are all aware, has the power to disrupt the cycle and balance of our everyday life and cause us to be depressing. Exploring the woods can reduce the stress that you are feeling in life, and that is why, it is really advised by medical experts that once in a while you also take a break from work, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Apart from improving your mental health, trekking regularly has also been proven to enhance your brain and memory's performance.

So, what are waiting for? Book a hiking activity now with your colleagues or family member. And by the way, make sure to take with your 25oz Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle to satisfy your thirst while you engage yourself in an epic outdoor adventure!