Top Reasons Why You Need to Go Out and Explore Nature This 2017

This 2017, we are encouraging you to go forth and explore the beauty of nature.
With people nowadays are dealing with a lot of stress from their work, or even at school and their home, it is essential that we also pause for a while, take a break, go somewhere, and enjoy life for a bit once in a while. And what’s the best way to clear the minds, experience new adventures, and have a great time? By exploring the outdoor, of course!

You might not be aware of it but going on an outdoor adventure has plenty of incredible benefits actually, and here are some of them:

Exploring Nature Enhances Our Mind
According to a 20009 article by the Boston Globe, scientists have already proven that a glimpse of nature has the capability of improving our brain's performance by giving it a mental break from all the cognitive processing demands of our urban lifestyle. This is also the reason why hospital patients recover swifter when they can see greens from their windows. So, if you want to take a break and relax your mind for a while, then exploring the woods is the best way to do it.

Outdoor Adventure Makes Us Fit
Another thing that makes nature a perfect getaway is the fact that it helps you become physically fit. During an outdoor adventure, people need to move, walk, climb peaks, and paddle kayaks; in other words, you need to do a lot of muscle works when you go hiking or trekking. The time you spend outdoors is just like doing exercise. When you trek and hike regularly, you aren't just giving yourself the chance to take a break from your stressful environment; you are also avoiding high blood pressure, depression, myopia, osteoporosis, and a lot more.

Nature Helps You Cope Up with Stress
According to a study conducted by Dr. William Bird - the health adviser of Natural England - people become healthier and relaxed when they get out into the woods, countryside, gardens, and even parks. Bird says that individuals who are deprived of getting in touch with nature have a greater risk of becoming depressed and anxious. By spending a lot more time outside, discovering new trails, and camping outdoors, you certainly would be able to enjoy the break that you deserve. No need to worry about phone calls or meetings and deadlines.

The Natural World is on the Verge of Existence - See it Before it's too Late
There's no denying that the natural world is in great danger of being destroyed. With global warming, climate change, and the misuse and abuse of people with the natural resources, there's a huge possibility that we won't be able to enjoy these incredible splendors - the mountains, the trees, the lakes, the rivers, and much more. So as much as possible, you need to get out now and enjoy nature.

Now, where should you spend your next vacation? To the woods!
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