Why Shouldn’t You Skip Breakfast? Here’s Why!

You wake up late in the morning, and now you are cramming to make it at school or at work as soon as possible. And because you are really in a hurry, you just finish your coffee and completely skipped eating breakfast.

We always have a reason for skipping breakfast. And most of the time, we really think that it’s totally fine to forget to grab something to eat during the morning. But in case you don’t know, skipping breakfast is not good. It’s actually the most important meal of the day and it helps us accomplish our task for the day easily.

Break the Fast

Breakfast, literally means "break the fast." Since we haven't consumed anything after dinner until we wake up the following day, our body is famished. And to be able to help our body recharge the energy we've consumed, we need to eat in the morning until our energy level is high again. Of course, drinking coffee or tea is not sufficed.

And even if you don't have the luxury of time to prepare a lavish meal fit for a king, by simply preparing a simple dish like an oatmeal or even a sandwich, your body will totally feel better all throughout the day.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the most important reasons why you should never skip breakfast:

Eating Breakfast Promotes Better Concentration

When you are feeling hunger, it's much harder for you to concentrate on what you are doing especially because you get to feel stomach discomfort and headaches. Hunger can also affect your mood and your alertness, and this can be quite frustrating if you have plenty of things to do the whole day. If you want to be productive with whatever you are doing, then make sure to eat a healthy breakfast daily.

Eating Breakfast Maintains Healthy Weight

A lot of studies have already proven that people who eat breakfast have more chances of shedding off pounds. When you are skipping breakfast, you'll definitely feel hungrier than ever by lunchtime that you eat too much found. According to the reports by the National Weight Control Registry, 90% of those who eat breakfast daily lost 30 pounds or more.

Eating Breakfast Improves Your Body's Metabolism

And of course, eating breakfast will also improve your body's metabolism. Since your blood sugar level drops down in the morning, you need to eat food to provide you with energy again and refuel your body.

Make it a point to wake up early and prepare your breakfast, that’s the best way for you to enjoy the day while also ensuring that your body is healthy.