Multi Port USB Charger Provides High Power 50W

PLUG ANY DEVICE INTO ANY PORT - Engineered with Auto Detect Technology, this USB port charger lets you plug any device, Android and Apple, into any port and the smart charger will get exactly what it needs to charge rapidly and effectively. No more worrying about choosing the right port for your device!

  • BUILT IN SAFETY - We understand your devices are precious. That is why every 50W and 60W USB charger is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory. Every multi charger unit also includes built in short circuit, over voltage, over current and over temperature protection with auto recovery function -to ensure your complete peace of mind!
  • PERFECT TRAVEL CHARGER - With an input of 100-240v this USB rapid charger is a must for one of your travel accessories. You can charge multiple devices, even multiple power hungry devices like ipads and tablets, with ease. With this portable USB charger, it has the ability to handle a wide range of inputs, your charging worries when away from home are over!
  • BEST INTELLIGENT USB CHARGER OR YOUR MONEY BACK! - If our high quality, safe and reliable USB hub charger isn't the BEST you've ever tried ... We'll give you ALL your money back! That's right, this USB charger multi port is backed by a 24 month warranty! Click add to cart to order now.
  • ALSO GREAT FOR HOME OR OFFICE - Boasts a massive 50W 10A or 60W 12A of power which makes it perfect for use at home or at the office for the ideal USB wall charger. If you are tired of your devices not charging efficiently, our fast charger, the most powerful on the market, is the answer. It will charge, quickly and efficiently, almost any USB device you have! NOTE: This must be plugged in to charge other devices.